Favorite book(s):
Infinite Jest; Wuthering Heights … for very different reasons.

Favorite sentence:
“The cold air stung us and we played till our bodies glowed.”
—James Joyce, “Araby”

Favorite word:
Gloaming. (Also, favorite time of day.)

Writers whose words I love, besides:
Anne Lamott; Ann Patchett; Junot Díaz; Colum McCann; Lorrie Moore; José Saramago; George Saunders; Victor Hugo. Too many poets.

Favorite flower:
The peony.

Favorite food + drink:
Black Mission figs + Sancerre—ideally in combination, and in Paris.

Favorite personal place of off-duty:
“… in the U.S.A.’s city Boston was in the Public Garden of summer …”

Coffee or tea:

Dogs or cats:
Cat-like dogs; dog-like cats—of which I have two of the very best.

Where I write:
My kitchen desk, looking out on the backyard.

Pronounced, Sky-ler. (Though it rarely is; alas, alack.)

Why, “Now in the Garden”?